March 16, 2016


SkinPlan is designed to treat 27 different conditions of the skin as dry, sensitive, irritated, eczema, acne and combinations tex both dry and oily skin simultaneously. SkinPlan also seems to anti-aging. The range consists of skin-care products cleansing, toner, serum, capsules, creams, masks and powders.

Patent pending sunscreen for everyone! Bottles has a built-in UV sensor that measures and reveals UV-rays where you are. Then showon the bottle how long you can be in the sun safely. The cream is water-resistant, fragrance and oil-free.

All stylage skin pro creams are formulated with the exclusive Vivasome complex, a result of the VIVACY’s advanced anti-ageing research. It protects and releases active ingredients close to the cells. Thus, Vivasome complex nourishes and revitalizes the skin, stimulates its natural repair process and intensely moisturizes it for a premium anti-ageing protection.