March 16, 2016


Stylage is the first innovative monophasic Gels consisting of cross-linked hyaluronic acid (patented IPN-Like technology) and a natural antioxidant to reduce the visual effects of ageing. It can be used for filling and smoothing wrinkles, natural lip correction, volume restoration, hydratation, chin remodeling, tear trough correction, neck, décolleté and hand rejuvenation. It is also possible to combine products for targeted treatment.

Vsoft-lift is a new natural face lift without downtime. The treatment protocol has been developed by the Swedish InjectAcademy. Vlift was originally developed in Korea (as for many of these threading techniques) to change the classical oriental round face onto a western v shaped face, perceived to be more attractive.

Revitacare is a French laboratory, founded in 2003, specialized in research design and manufacture of implants and products dedicated to cosmetology and aesthetic medicine used in the prevention and correction of the skin aging effects, and the treatment of hair problems.

Desirial® is dedicated to trophic conditions restoration (hydration, elasticity, tone, sensitivity) in the vulvo-vaginal area. It helps to reduce mucosal dryness and strengthen delicate vaginal tissues, making them more supple.

Viscosupplementation with hyaluronic acid is now a therapeutic option that can be offered to patient suffering from pain or reduced joint mobility of degenerative (arthritis of the knee or hip) or traumatic aetiology (accidental or sports injury), especially if NSAIDs and other analgesics have proven ineffective and in subjects who refuse or are not eligible for surgery.


Magic Needle is the new way to inject by a sole entry aperture, and reduces pain of injection and risk of necrosis. It’s a revolution in the filling products market, thank to the flexibility of the needle : the Magic Needle slides into the skin without traumatizing it. It becomes the reference instrument for injecting fillers. With more of 20 years of experience, Magic Needle is renowned as the best flexible cannula needle for aesthetic injections of hyaluronic acid.


Gebauer’s Pain Ease is the instant topical anesthetic skin refrigerant cleared to temporarily control the pain associated with needle procedures and minor surgical procedures. It can be applied to intact skin, minor open wounds and intact oral mucous membranes. It is non-drug, non-flammable and can be used by any licensed healthcare practitioner without the order of a physician. Click learn more for important risk and safety information.


Laboratoires Vivacy introduces I. Space: a new generation of viscoelastic intraocular hyaluronic acid based gel with the natural antioxidant mannitol specifically designed for anterior segment surgery, protection of the corneal endothelium and maintenance of the intraocular space.