Stop sweating

This week our device miraDry had a five page article in Swedens most read newspaper Aftonbladet. What was the subject?

miraDry is a revolutionary device that can treat underarm hyperhidrosis which is excessively sweating. Over three procent of the population suffers from this and it is also named the hidden handicap.

As the interest for this subject was greater than we all thought, Aftonbladet kept the article for over a week on their online and mobile news. I just calculated that we had a reach of  over 25 million in a week.

I can really recommend miraDry as a device for clinics and for those who want to stop using deodorant, just like that.


Many businessmen who travel in a suit suffer in hot countries. Here is the solution; have a miraDry treatment and you will never, ever sweat again in your whole life.

Women and men who do lots of sports; yes, here miraDry can help you to stop sweating after you had your shower. It’s normal to sweat more after you finish exercising than you do while you exercise.

No more sweat, odor or hair to shave; because it even eliminates hair for ever.

Want to try? Have a look at to see who offers a treatment. Price: about 20 000 sek.